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The top 5 hair growth products for men

We tested over 20 of the most well known hair growth products on the market and ranked the top 5!

December 16, 2023
by Feras S.

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"When it comes to fighting hair loss, men want results and products that work."

Regrettably, hair thinning and receding hairlines tend to be an inevitable part of most men's lives. I've been dealing with it since I was around 24, and it's always been a concern. While a shaved head can look good on some, many of us long for that full head of hair.

Beyond the more obvious solutions like hair transplants or Rogaine, I delved into researching more effective and straightforward methods to stimulate hair growth.

Recently, there's been a surge in brands offering shampoos and conditioners designed to deliver the essential nutrients, peptides, and antioxidants needed to thicken hair and initiate new hair growth.

An Effective way of promoting hair growth.

Certainly, there's currently an abundance of men's hair growth shampoos and conditioners on the market, all claiming to be effective. However, discerning which ones genuinely deliver on their promises while remaining safe can be quite a challenge.

This is where we step in. Our dedicated team of product reviewers has rigorously assessed a range of non-prescription and non-invasive hair growth solutions for men. Today, our focus is squarely on shampoos.

Let's dive right in...

1. Overall Effectiveness:
Clean Slate's Enhanced Hair Growth Duo

Effectiveness: 95%

Cost: $

Overall: A+

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This Enhanced Hair Growth Duo takes the crown as our preferred choice for jumpstarting hair growth. It plays a pivotal role in initiating a reset of the hair bulb, thereby extending the growth phase within your hair cycle. Additionally, it effectively awakens dormant dermal papilla cells situated at the hair follicle's base, ushering in new growth. If your not familiar with the science or even care about it at all, all you have to know is this stuff works! Without a doubt, this stands as our top recommendation for anyone seeking a fuller head of hair. Don't hesitate; order it now!

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By far our favourite was Clean Slate, you can shop from them here:

2. Vegamour GRO+Advanced Shampoo

Effectiveness: 80%

Cost: $$$$

Overall: B+

Vegamour stands out as a high-end label specializing in hair growth and treatment solutions, catering to both men and women. Although they offer an impressive shampoo capable of nourishing and promoting hair regrowth, they typically deliver outcomes on par with more budget-friendly alternatives. While we appreciate the luxurious experience of using Vegamour, it's important to note that the essential oils and nutrients in their shampoo do yield results. However, it doesn't surpass the efficacy of Clean Slate's Enhanced Hair Growth Duo, despite being priced at nearly double the cost.


Effectiveness: 80%

Cost: $$

Overall: B-

To be transparent, Act+Acre's Cold Processed Hair Cleanse doesn't promise hair growth as a result. Nonetheless, it's an excellent option if your primary concern is enhancing the thickness of your thinning hair and maintaining the health of your existing strands. Comprised of plant-based and natural ingredients, it offers a delightful experience and prevents your hair from appearing dry and sparse. It's undoubtedly a recommended choice for those focused on preserving their current hair rather than stimulating new growth.


Effectiveness: 75%

Cost: $

Overall: C+

We've observed favorable outcomes with Bondi Boost's HG Shampoo. Its formulation is geared towards sustaining scalp health and averting future hair loss. While it could be an excellent complement to certain other hair growth products, we've discovered that this conditioner primarily focuses on preventive measures rather than stimulating substantial regrowth. It's unquestionably beneficial but may not yield remarkable results when used in isolation.


Effectiveness: 75%

Cost: $

Overall: C-

Presenting an economical hair growth solution with varying outcomes. Keeps Shampoo is recognized for its potential to prevent hair loss and, in certain instances, facilitate hair regrowth. Keeps offers an affordable option and has garnered positive reviews. While our experience revealed a range of effectiveness, considering the attractive price point they offer, giving it a try could be a worthwhile option.

Why we chose the Clean Slate Enhanced Hair Growth Duo as the most effective

We've suggested some fantastic shampoos to promote hair growth, protect your hair, and maintain hydration. However, we firmly stand behind Clean Slate's Enhanced Hair Growth Duo as the top choice. To shed more light on our rankings and Feras S. discovery of Clean Slate's excellence, we decided to have a conversation with our hair care expert, Feras S., who played a crucial role in compiling this list.

Hair Care Pro: Feras S.

Athlete, Entrepreneur

My girlfriend recently encouraged me to start using moisturizer, which was quite amusing. It's not that I doubted the effectiveness of skincare products (after all, I research and write about them regularly), but I never thought I needed most of them. My skin has always been fairly clear, and I never had many issues with acne or the like. However, one thing that did bother me was my thinning hair. It's a family trait; my dad, brother, and cousins are all bald, so I assumed it was my destiny too.

When I was tasked with finding exceptional hair growth products, I was eager to try various options. Unfortunately, most of them didn't live up to the hype. Many promised '70s shag hair and unstoppable growth, but the reality was quite different. What's worse, I noticed that many of these products contained harsh chemicals that were drying out my hair, leaving it looking like a tangled mess.

I kind of lost hope for a while.

Then, something caught my attention – my best friend had started growing out his hair, and it looked incredibly robust. The last time I remembered, he had some thinning bald spots on the top of his head, and he used to wear hats almost everywhere.

Curiosity got the better of me, and I decided to ask him what had changed. In response, he practically leaped out of his chair and reached for a bottle of Clean Slate Advanced Conditioner. He explained that he had tried a few different products, but Clean Slate was the only brand that had truly delivered results for him. I must admit, I was initially skeptical, but when he showed me a photo from just two months ago, I was absolutely blown away. His hair was undeniably thicker, and the once-prominent bald patches were now neatly covered up.

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How does Clean Slate's Enhanced Hair Growth Duo Work?

The 2-step system was developed by hair care experts to assist with reducing hair loss,  promoting hair growth, and improving the strength and vitality of your hair. Both products contains multiple plant growth factors that have been derived through stem cell technology, which nurture hair follicles and boost hair growth.

What's the secret to its effectiveness?

The CS+ Complex is a groundbreaking formula that takes the power of natural ingredients and supercharges them through the power of biotechnology.

At the center of this cutting-edge complex are Capilia Longa™ & Elaya Renova™, two award-winning natural actives that are clinically proven to deliver transformative results.

What does the CS+ Complex do?

The CS+ Complex that includes two award winning ingredients that have been clinically proven to provide the following results: 13,500 new hairs on avg., up to 57% reduction in hair loss, up to 17.3% increase in hair density & up to 27% increase in hair follicle activity. They deeply nourish each follicle and reset the hair bulb extending the hair growth phase and reactivate dormant hair follicles.

Capilia Longa™

A potent ingredient from plant stem cell technology, bio-engineered to combat hair loss. Studies show up to 89% less hair loss, an average of 13,500 new hairs, and a 52% boost in hair density.

Capilia Longa™

Derived from olive tree stem cells, this powerful ingredient works to reinforce the hair strand to its follicle and increase its diameter. Studies have shown up to a 44% increase in hair diameter, 78% increase in hair strength, and 28% increase in hair density.


This essential nutrient promotes blood circulation in the scalp, helping to nourish hair follicles and support healthy hair growth. Niacin also aids in the production of keratin, the protein that makes up hair strands, making hair stronger and more resilient.

So, did it work for me?

So, after patiently waiting for 8 weeks, I couldn't resist the urge to see if there were any visible results. To my astonishment, I was greeted by a remarkable sight. Those areas of my hair that had once been patchy and thin were now gradually filling out. Not only that, but my hair felt noticeably fuller and stronger. I was left utterly amazed by the transformation in both its appearance and texture.

Some other testimonials from Clean Slate



    "I'm blown away by these results. My crown area, which was visibly thin, has filled in so much!" - JOSH E.



    "This worked wonders on my thinning hair. It feels so much more thick and structured now." - DAVE C.



    "The products definitely helped reduced my hair fall, I'm seeing a lot less of it in the shower." - DYLAN A.



    "Used to wear hats a lot but my hair looks more full now, my scalp also feels less dry." - FERAS F.

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