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Explore the science that powers our hair growth routines. Understand the biology behind your hair growth cycle, the factors that affect it, and how our clinically proven ingredients work together to improve hair growth, reduce hair loss & promote healthier hair and scalp. Discover the evidence and innovation behind our transformative hair care solutions.


This phase is defined by significant hair growth due to increased growth activity and hair cell division in the hair follicles. During the Anagen phase, the hair follicle is connected to the scalp's blood supply, which provides essential nutrients and energy for hair growth. Throughout hair cycling for a healthy head of hair, 90% of all follicles are in the Anagen phase and can remain there for anywhere from 2 to 8 years.

Our Approach

How We Promote Hair Growth & Combat Hair Loss

The good news is that in the early stages of hair loss, dormant hair follicles can still be activated to create new hair growth.

Our CS+ Complex was developed for those dealing with early-stage hair loss or people looking to maintain a healthy hair growth cycle by activating those follicles and improve your hair growth cycle - increasing the # of hairs in the Anagen (Growth) Phase, and decreasing the # of hairs in the Exogen (Shedding) Phase.

It contains two cutting-edge natural active ingredients, Capilia Longa™ and Elaya Renova™, which have been clinically proven to promote healthy hair growth by improving and prolonging the Anagen (Growth) Phase.

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