5 Reasons Why Clean Slate's Follicle Activating Hair Growth Combo Is The Best On The Market

Safe ingredients, no hefty price tag, and proven results.


Award Winning Ingredients

We use two power house ingredients, Capilia Longa™ & Elaya Renova™, both of which are clinically proven to help fight hair loss and promote hair growth. These two ingredients are bio-engineered harnessing the power of stem cell technology to promote hair growth, reduce hair loss & target thin lifeless hair.


Proven Results

In a 150-Day clinical trial, the natural active ingredients in theCS+ Complex were examined for their ability to improve the body's hair growth cycle. The results showed they were effective inactivating new hair growth, reducing ongoing hair loss, and extending the hair cycle's growth phase & shortening the loss phase.

Clinical Study Participants saw the following results:

  • 13,500 new hairs on avg.
  • 87% decrease in hair loss
  • 27% increase in hair follicle growth activity
  • 17.3% increase in hair density

Safe Ingredients

No nasty side affects like prescription hair loss products. Our products work along side your body's natural hair growth cycle, and are derived from natural ingredients.


Fast Progress

See results in as little as 45 days. While major changes take place after 150 days of consistent use.


Hair Growth Guarantee

Hair loss is already stressful, so we want you to have peace of mind when using our products. Just follow these steps.

Step 1: Document Your Hair Care Journey

Take a photo of your hair each month, starting with a photo before you started using Clean Slate.

Step 2: Use the Revive Advanced Conditioner Daily

Make sure to apply Revive Conditioner / Mask every day, even if you skip the shampoo. Leaving it in your hair and scalp for a minimum 3-5 minutes each time.

Step 3: Stick With Your Routine for 150 days

Consistently use the Revive Conditioner / Mask over a 150-day period. This is the period in which the ingredients in our CS+ Complex showed noticeable results.

See Amazing Results in Just Weeks

After using the CS+ Complex, these satisfied customers have seen real results - healthy hair growth, less hair loss, and a whole lot of newfound confidence.

Frequently Asked Questions