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Clinical Study Results of the CS+ Complex

In a 150-Day clinical trial, the natural active ingredients in the CS+ Complex were examined for their ability to improve the body's hair growth cycle. The results showed they were effective in activating new hair growth, reducing ongoing hair loss, and extending the hair cycle's growth phase & shortening the loss phase.

Members of the clinical study had an average of the following:

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I can't recommend this enough. I have used so many different products looking to help once I noticed my hair line starting to thin in the corners. This is the first product I bought that actually looks like it is working!

Dylan W.

Bought November 2023

I definitely notice my hair looks fuller. This conditioner though is by far my favourite i've used. 6 weeks in and already seeing new growth and less hair fall.

Feras S.

Bought August 2023

My hair looks fuller and thicker, noticing less hair fall when I wash my hair and I think i'm even seeing new growth. Im gonna keep using it and see how it does, but for only 2 months in i'm pretty excited.

Eric C.

Bought January 2024

This shampoo and conditioner has made my hair go from frail and falling apart to soft and shiny. I have little hairs growing in I love it.

Sandy B.

Bought October 2023

Fight Hair Loss The Natural Way

CS+ Complex

Powerful Ingredients

The CS+ Complex is a groundbreaking formula that takes the power of natural ingredients and supercharges them through the power of biotechnology.

At the center if this cutting-edge complex are Capilia Longa™ & Elaya Renova™, two award-winning natural actives that are clinically proven to deliver transformative results.

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